Everything you need to electrify your marketing


Beautiful marketing. Everywhere, instantly.

Hero your brand’s professional design and pump it big.

Great design is a skill, it’s beautiful. It needs to be protected and celebrated. Sesimi automates creativity. Heroes your design. Makes your people the maestros of execution across all platfoms. All media. At the click of a button, Magic Templates™ turn one creation into many.


The power of Sesimi Creative Automation

Introducing Magic Templates™.

At your command. Also known as ‘One to Many’ templates. Make one beautiful thing, click one button, Sesimi rolls it out instantly across all media, all sizes. Your world just changed.

Happy designers. Productive Marketers. Sesimi takes minor edits off the To Do List and replaces them with smiles.

Brand true. All the way.

Everything you and your people make with Sesimi is right on brand. Every time. Everywhere.

Get to market. Like now.

Sesimi unravels the approvals knots. Remind your marketing team to fasten their seatbelts.

Feed the content beast.

Media is a growing monster. Sesimi makes sure it’s fed before it gets hangry.

Sick of the Bills?

Forget Ad Production fees. That’s history.

Built in real time.

With Sesimi, there’s no Spinning Wheel of Death, no loading, no lag.


Sesimi Creative Automation Features

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Output
  • Campaign Management
  • Edit and Build
  • Advanced Search


Perfect assets. Everyone happy.

Nothing inspires your team like being able to rely on your marketing assets.

To create beautiful marketing, assets need to be ordered, accessible, shareable, editable. They need to be easy. Sesimi sorts your digital assets so your team can collaborate and create wherever they are, whenever they want. End the chaos. Get your assets perfect. Energize your people.


The power of Sesimi Digital Asset Management

The ultimate output boost.

Sesimi makes your people 30-35% more productive and gives marketing / creative teams a whole day a week back in time lost hunting for assets.

It’s like Fort Knox for assets.

Sesimi stores everything on Amazon S3 Servers. Lose no sleep over your asset security.

The cloud connects your teams.

Sesimi is collaboration without pain. At Home or in Office it doesn't matter anymore. Connect and share instantly.

Sesimi plays nice with all systems.

Sesimi is tried, tested and proven to integrate with all computer systems. It can be up and running in no time.

Brand true and here to protect.

Everything compliant to your brand plus legal safety zones built around assets that need Rights Management.

For the CFO looking for ROI.

It's pretty simple. Sesimi returns up to 15x the platform costs. Now that's an investment.

Users. Happy.

Sesimi’s UX is a delight. Follow your nose to edit and manage assets fast. Click-light intuitive goodness is everywhere, making work what it should be fun!


Sesimi Digital Asset Management Features

  • Upload & Store
  • Advanced Search & Find
  • Asset Management
  • Access and Usage
  • Output
  • Edit and Confirm