Formed 2010, the Australian Design Alliance (AdA) is an alliance between the peak professional organisations representing designers across all aspects of Australia’s design industry.

The ADA’s Purpose

Our purpose is defined as “Building the Value of Australian Design through a collective and collaborative voice!”.

Australia’s design professionals are internationally renowned as creative and innovative thinkers, highly skilled in their chosen discipline and as project managers. These are crucial capabilities for a more productive Australian economy.

The AdA emerged from a series of consultations about how design should be an integral element of Australia’s national innovation system at a time of rapidly changing business models and processes.

The AdA’s Goal

The AdA’s goals have been developed to maintain the focus of the organisation moving forward in the current environment. These include:

  1. To raise the profile of design as a significant contributor to the Australian economy and to encourage our design community to step up and recognise this contribution.
  2. To be the representative link between the design industry and government*, leading policy change and innovation to embed a National Design Policy (NDP) into the Australian Innovation Agenda.
  3. To create stronger and more collaborative links between AdA member organisations to strengthen the voice of all sectors of design in Australia.