New business dev is bloody hard work

New business dev. is bloody hard work

To grow a design practice, it’s obvious that you need a constant supply of work either from existing clients or new clients. We know that 80% of your growth will come from existing clients. And we know that many agencies have clients scattered across a range of industry sectors

Making it easier...

What clients think of design and designers

Our next Business of Design UNseminar is on April 23rd and it presents three clients who will talk about their experience in dealing with design and designers.

The high level of interest in this topic indicates this will fill quickly. We limit the numbers so that everyone has a chance to contribute to the discussion.

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LinkedIn for designers

The Business of Design LinkedIn for designers 3 hour workshop demosntrates how to use Linkedin to develop new business.

It is specifically for designers, and specifically about finding new business.

The workshop shows you how to find the right contacts, connect and then influence them using LinkedIn. There are regular dates in each city.

Contact Greg to register interest