It's Mental

Designers face the pressures of creative output like few other industries. The fear of failure, of inadequacy or not meeting expectation can be difficult enough to handle, but when paired with deadline pressure, the speed of communication and the challenges of running a small to medium practice, there can be a huge toll.

AGDA wants to help share the load. Through our networks and partners we look to find ways to work through, overcome and relieve the pressures we face on a daily basis. We provide practical business advice on how to run a tighter studio, where to turn to for legal and business advice, and mentorship to give you the support from peers you can really use.

Most importantly, we’re here to ensure you’re in a good head space and invite you to be part of our social events. Share your stories, your frustrations, your joy, your successes. Maybe give that same advice to someone in your circle that made you see things a different way.

Take the time to be OK. Reach out to AGDA and its members and we’ll continue to reach out to you and provide a safe place to be your best.