Shine the Light

AGDA has been on a path of transformation since 2013. This ongoing change is signified in our driving vision of, ‘Shine the light’. 

Shine the light is one of AGDA’s guiding principles that applies across all our activities and acknowledges the contributions to our industry can come from individual designers, group collectives, studios and agencies, movements, industry supporters and partners. The Shine the Light ethos aims to highlight the impact on our industry from these groups, regardless of their culture, age, regionality, sexuality, or gender.

One of AGDA’s main purposes is to create awareness for inclusiveness of all people no matter what their biological or cultural background, disabilities, age, preferences or orientation, and to celebrate our differences in a safe and inclusive creative community.


We connect individual designers around Australia, who operate in unique practices and employ highly tuned creative instincts with a laser sharp strategic intent. This is the AGDA community. 


We source designers of all persuasions, from all over the globe, bringing their stories to the fore, to enable others like them to find a role model or mentor who operates in the same mode as they do. 


A refined induction criteria provides a better balance of representation on the AGDA Hall of Fame. We aim to acknowledge those within the industry from all types of practices, regions, cultures, and social groups. 


Our ambition with the AGDA Design Awards is to unearth the best of Australian creativity, thinking, and design in all its variations. To celebrate the diversity of practice in Australia and elevate the best work, not just the work with the biggest budgets.

Our promise to the community

We will maintain a balance across all groups and a consistent, diverse voice within the AGDA community.

We will develop programs and workshops that are accessible for all.

We will ensure any questions about diversity are taken on board and responded to.

We will curate speaker panels, award juries, and mentoring groups that are a balanced reflection of our society, and to include designers from diverse backgrounds, unique disciplines, and regional practices.

Encourage greater diversity of perspectives within the organisation; on the board, regional councils, staff, writers, content creators, and anything associated with the our community.