We're running a workshop!

Making brands come alive in Word and PowerPoint

Well here we are hurtling towards the middle of the year, making up for lost 2020 time. The PowerPoint presentations, Word Proposals, posters, fact sheets and flyers are rolling in!

We're excited to be presenting two workshops in collaboration with AGDA, one to explain the intricacies of Word, on Tuesday 20th April and another dedicated to PowerPoint on Tuesday 4th May.

Click here to find out more or book a place.

Speaking of training, we are always keen to make sure our templates get well-used and everyone knows how to use them (and why they should!).

Including training in the template costs is a good way to make sure that the branding is used properly in all the documents, by everyone using them.

Find out the best way to get some beautiful templates built by visiting the Timplates website or giving us a call on +61 3 8307 0316

If you've got some templates you'd like our help with, please get in touch by email or by phone.

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