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New Secure Site Launching Soon

Managing your super savings will be easier than ever

On Wednesday, 25 July we’re launching a refreshed member secure site, designed to make managing your retirement savings even easier.

So what’s new?

A dashboard when you log in so you can see all your key information on a single screen.

Improved tools to help you boost your super, make important decisions about your insurance and investment options, and help make your retirement income last longer.

A super easy tool to find and combine your super accounts – it takes minutes to search and you’ll have your money in three business days. No forms, no fuss.

Looking for advice? Start here.

Our e-advice is an easy to use tool that helps you to better understand your super savings and see how changes to your investment options or additional contributions can boost your super.

It might be all the advice you need right now, or it might a great starting point for further advice from our Helpline Advisors# or Financial Planners.^

New look, same login details

If you’ve logged into your account before, it’s the same login page and your existing pin/password and member number are all you need.

If you haven’t logged on before, give the Helpline a quick call on 1800 640 886 to set up your access. Then head to and click the ‘login’ button.

Want to know more?

For more details and a handy help guide, head to our blog.

And if you have any questions when the new site launches, please call the Helpline on 1800 640 886.