AGDA Design Awards 2021
Physical Entries Update

The restrictions around interstate travel along with the current situation in NSW and Victoria, has again forced our hand, and the AGDA Design Awards Team has come to the decision that it has become too impractical for us to judge physical entries in person for 2021. We had hoped to be able to judge a few categories in person with a smaller jury, but the fact that it would be difficult for us to get a jury together from a mix of locations, we feel wouldn't do the judging process justice. It has also become difficult for our Awards Team, which are based in different locations to be able to get together to coordinate the judging process.

We apologise to those that had hoped to send physical submissions with their entry. We would encourage entrants to use video submissions where possible, to give our judges a more dynamic view of a 3D item. If you think the piece could only be judged fairly in person, we would certainly be open to seeing it submitted in a future year, when in-person judging can happen again.

Thank you for your understanding.