AGDA Mentorship Programs

The AGDA Mentorship Program has been running since 2002 and was set up to provide industry support to young designers as they embark on their career.

Last year, AGDA ran successful programs around Australia, with the creative, self-motivated student participants broadening their knowledge of the graphic design industry by working alongside experienced industry professionals.

It’s not just the students who can be mentored either, AGDA Professional Mentorship Program is dedicated to bringing together experienced designers with those that can offer the benefit of their greater experience.

The Program promotes and nurtures the sharing of real-world skills and the benefits of a design network to its members. This program is offered to mid-weight or experienced designers who feel they could benefit from a more advanced type of mentorship.

The AGDA Professional Mentorship Program is available to designers with three or more years of industry experience.

This type of professional-level mentorship is tailored to provide participants advice and training for issues relating to those currently employed, seeking advancement within the industry, or even starting their own practice. Topics have included business development, accounting and administration, legal issues, working practices, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

AGDA has also recently introduced Dames & Dumplings, an informal group mentoring format aimed at women in design. This has been hugely popular in Sydney and Melbourne so keep an eye out in your region for news on the next event.