Find answers to the most commonly-asked questions about being an AGDA Member. If you can't find a specific answer here, try searching the site or contacting the AGDA Membership Team here


What are the values that AGDA stands for?

AGDA's core Principles including our stance on Paid Internships, Free Pitching, Mental Heath, and Code of Ethics can be found in the Principles section.

Member Accounts

How do I pay my annual membership?

If you are a renewing member, the easiest way to pay for your membership is to login to your account, and then go to your membership tab of your account page. If your account has lapsed, you will see a button to renew your membership, and if your membership is still current, you will see a renew option in the menu list on the left.

The Login screen says enter your 5-6 digit membership number, but my member number is 7 digits, can I still login?

We're aware of this issue and are working with our developer on adding any 7 digit membership accounts.

Why does my password no longer work now that AGDA has a new website?

Due to security reasons, we are unable to export our members' passwords from our database, meaning members are required to click reset password, and set a new password for their account on first login of the new AGDA website.

I was previously a member of AGDA, what is the best way for me to re-join?

Member accounts are not deleted if a user doesn't renew their subscription. You can simply log back into your old account, and then proceed to renewing your subscription from there.

Why can't I register as a member with my email address?

Each member account requires a unique email address. If your email has already been used to register for an account previously, you won't be able to us it to create a new one. If you can't remember your login details for that account, you can click forgot member number or password on the login section.

Where can I find my membership expiry date?

You can find your Expiry date in the Membership tab of your Membership Account page.

Member Benefits

My company provides a resource that might be a good benefit for AGDA Members, who should I speak to?

The best person to speak to would be our Partnership Manager, you can reach them via email at [email protected].

Do different Membership levels have access to different Benefits?

Membership levels have different benefits based on what is appropriate to that level of design experience, although a number of the benefits remain available to all levels of memberships, like Member discounts to AGDA Events, and Member discounted Awards entries.

What are the Benefits of being a Member of AGDA?

A full list of Member Benefits can be found in the Member Benefits section.


Who can participate in the AGDA Mentorship Program?

The AGDA Mentorship programs are run exclusively for AGDA Members. There are different programs run for Practicing and Emerging Designers.


Is there anywhere I can I access my event receipts?

You can access your event receipts through your membership account section.

Can I add my own Events to the AGDA Website?

Members can add a news item about their event through their Membership Account. For an event to be listed in the event section, it needs to be added by AGDA Staff.

Does AGDA offer discounted tickets to other industry bodies?

We have a MoU with DINZ allowing DINZ Members to attend AGDA Events at the AGDA Member price. We often also offer industry bodies like AADC, DIA, PADC discounted tickets, but these will be available by code, and shared by those industry bodies rather than through AGDA.

Does my Membership grant me discounted tickets to other industry events?

We try to partner with as many industry events as possible to provide our members without discounted tickets to these events. Any of these discounted ticket offers will be included in the Member Benefits section.

Are only AGDA Members able to attend AGDA run events?

Events are open to the general public to attend, but their tickets will be at the public price. The only exception to this is when we run select Member Only events, which are exclusively for AGDA Members only.

Can I buy Member priced tickets for my college or friend using my membership number?

A Membership is intended for individual use only. So a member number should only be used to purchase a ticket for that specific member. The exception is when we run a Bring a Friend promotion, but this will be available via a discount code.


How long will my Classified stay active for?

You can set your own expiration date for your classified when setting it up.

Is there any cost to post an AGDA Classified?

AGDA Classifieds are free for AGDA Professional, Affiliate, Associate and Graduate Members.

How do I post a Classified?

Classifieds can be posted through your Membership Account page.

Who is able to list items in the AGDA Classifieds section?

AGDA Classifieds are exclusively for AGDA Professional, Affiliate, Associate and Graduate Members.

Who is able to view items in the AGDA Classifieds section?

AGDA Classifieds can exclusively be viewed AGDA Professional, Affiliate, Associate and Graduate Members.


Can I watch AGDA TV content if I am not a member?

Some of the content on AGDA TV is available to the public, but a number of our event videos are exclusively available for AGDA Members to view.

Find a Designer

Can I search for a specific designer?

You can search the Find a Designer section for designers in the AGDA database.
If you're having trouble finding a specific designer, make sure you have the correct membership level or leave it as any level, and make sure the name is spelled correctly.


What does the AGDA acronym stand for?

Australian Graphic Design Association.

When was AGDA founded?

AGDA was founded in 1988.
View the History page for a full view of AGDA's timeline.

Staff & Councillors

I have previously been on an AGDA Branch Council, how do I go about being added to this section and having it included in my AGDA Involvements?

We tried to add as many records as we could, but will have obviously missed some branches from some years.
If you or your council has been missed, please email [email protected] with your name, branch, and also the person who was your Chair at the time, so we can verify.

Contact Us

How do I get in touch with my local Branch Council?

The Branch Council emails can be reached on the Contact Us page.
Alternatively you can send an email to branch abbreviation followed by @agda.com.au.


Where can I find information about the AGDA Awards?

The AGDA Awards have their own dedicated FAQ section, which can be found in the Awards section.

Hall of Fame

Who decides who is inducted into the AGDA Hall of Fame?

AGDA has a set Hall of Fame committee who decide on the new inductees.
The Hall of Fame committee operate independently from the AGDA Board in order to maintain full integrity and remain impartial in their decisions.

How often are new inductees added to the AGDA Hall of Fame?

AGDA inducts new Hall of Fame members each year at our annual Awards, generally in mid-late November.


How do I become an AGDA Partner?

The AGDA Partnership documents can be accessed on the Partners page.


How can I get an Education Facility or Course listed in the Education section?

The Education listings have to be added by AGDA staff, so if you have a listing that you want added, please email [email protected].