WoD Lecture 4
Work Mates

Business owners, independent creatives and suppliers speak from their letterpress workshops, photography studios, light boxes and code rooms about nerding out with designers and the value of process and good relationships.

We are particularly interested in the business side of collaborations and how smart systems and processes can support these working relationships.

WoD is where you are! Isolated, taking care of humanity and flattening that curve like a pro. Register now to find out how these talented individuals have worked with designers and what tips, tricks and inspiration they have to share.

What is WoD?

WoD is the RMIT Communication Design 'Whole of Discipline' lecture series, proudly supported by AGDA and Public Journal.

The series has been designed as an interactive webinar via Zoom with industry case studies and Q&A with the audience. Please join in asking questions on Zoom and we’ll pick out some to answer.

'Whole of Discipline' is industry inclusive and encourages reciprocal knowledge sharing between emerging and existing designers.