Dames & Dumplings

Created by women, for women and open to anyone who’s ever felt like their voice is on the sidelines.

Dames & Dumplings is a program originally aimed at closing the gap in female emerging designers and female industry leaders. It’s an event, open to female-identifying designers from any age, background or level, to come together in an inviting space, and connect over a shared love of wanting to push our industry forward.

In 2018, a team of young female designers from AGDA’s Junior Council came up with an idea for an event that was a little bit of debate, a little bit of mentorship, and a lot of honest and open discussions about the issues facing women from all facets of Australian design. We, as young designers, from a range of backgrounds, noted that female-identifying people make up the majority of enrolments in tertiary graphic design courses in Australia, yet represent a fraction of the percentage of creative directors, business owners and leaders in our industry. As young creatives, we felt alienated within our own industry with a lack of female role models to aspire to, to learn from, and to talk to. Unsatisfied with the historical representation of women in Australian design, we set out to create something small, yet meaningful, that might help to address this one area for improvement in our industry. So, Dames & Dumplings was born.



Beci Orpin, Artist and Designer, @beciorpin
Danling Xiao, Creative Director and Founder, @mundane_matters

Graziela Machado, Art Director and Designer @grazibm


Elizaveta Pogossov, Senior Creative & Art Director / AGDA Councilwoman