Mr Dan Rowell

I am a Brand Strategist and the founder of DSR Branding, a Brand Strategy, Identity and Design Firm specialising in rebrands and brand refresh projects.

DSR Branding exists to inspire people to love what their work represents. We do this through intelligent brand strategies and impactful design.

Our clients are leaders in their markets, and are deeply uncomfortable standing still, becoming complacent and just ‘getting by’. We don’t believe in growth for the sake of growth, but in continual improvement, be it self betterment or just mastery of your space.


Year Award Entry Category
2020 Finalist Barren Energy Branding - Small Business
2020 Merit Ensight - Brand Identity Corporate Identity - Logos & Trademarks
2020 Finalist Pomona Distilling Co. Branding - Small Business
2020 Distinction Reuben Mergard Emerging Designer of the Year
2020 Merit The Future Is Cactus. Writing for Design
2020 Finalist Enspara Brand Poster Posters
2020 Merit Ensight - See Energy Differently Branding - Small Business
2020 Merit Brill Brand Expression Brand Expression
2020 Finalist Enspara Branding - Small Business
2020 Finalist Brill Coffee Packaging Food & Beverage
2020 Finalist Brill Coffee Brand Identity Branding - Small Business
2019 Finalist Babel Miscellaneous
2019 Finalist Babel Brand Expression
2019 Finalist Babel Website Websites
2019 Finalist Cubo Typography for Design
2019 Finalist Cubo Corporate Identity - Logos & Trademarks
2019 Finalist Babel Corporate Identity - Logos & Trademarks
2019 Merit Babel Typography for Design
2019 Finalist Babel Branding - Small Business
Awards current only to 2019 - previous years will be added soon


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