Anthony Elliott

I don't yet specialise in any one thing, but I do have an ever evolving, diverse approach to all projects, continuously building upon my skills, which I enjoy applying across a wide range of applications.

My work to date has primarily been focused on Brand Identities, Design for Print, and Web Design.

I spent 2010 living in Amsterdam, where I was able to work with Brandbase, a great little Advertising and Marketing studio in the heart of the city.

2011 brought me back to Adelaide where I'm completing my college studies. I also freelance on a casual basis, working with independent artists, entrepreneurs, designers and established businesses.


Swinburne Design


Year Position Branch
2019 Councillor Victoria

Selected clients

Milk Theatre Collective
Pauline Hurren Architect
Partners In Grain (PING)
Botanic Bar
Chanelle Leslie Photography