Adam Carpenter

At Toolbox Graphic Design
we work closely with our
clients to deliver outcomes
which are thoughtful,
creative and practical.


Toolbox Graphic Design

Director - Toolbox Graphic Design


Year Position Branch
2007 Treasurer National
2007 Secretary, National Representative South Australia
2006 SA National Representative National
2006 President, National Representative South Australia
2005 President, National Representative South Australia
2004 Secretary South Australia
2003 Councillor South Australia
2002 Sponsorship South Australia

Selected clients

Booth Transport
Carrera Kitchens
City of Prospect
Crosby Dalwood Accountants
Pecan Lighting
Rowlands Metal Works
SA Government (PIRSA)
Southern Cross Care
Street and Park Furniture
University Senior College
Whipped - Bake.Bar.Cafe
Wilderness School
ZEN Energy Systems