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Why Creativity Matters


Wed 3rd March, 2021


Pause Fest Online

Pause Why Creativity Matters

Creativity has typically been known as the curious and playful misfit, the risk taking and unpredictable child of the family. However, some argue it’s one of humankind’s most profound and powerful qualities though difficult to grasp, often disruptive and challenges the status quo.

Now we need it more than ever to find solutions to our biggest problems. It’s evident that technology is growing at lightning speed but its ability to think creatively remains elusive. This ingenuity that is deeply human, which is to imagine, to innovate and create - is likely to be one of the top most required skills of the future to create a better world.

We are curious to discover how creatives use their superpower to influence their work and why it is a necessary skill set for the future. Inviting a panel of dynamic experts from business strategy, UX design and creative thinking we aim to query just why creativity matters so much? Join us in this short 30 minute online live discussion concluding with Q&A from viewers.


San San Truong


Melissa Pepers, Business Designer, Strategist & Futurist
Karen Cheng, UX Design Lead at Mechanical Rock
Alex Wadelton, Co-author of The Right-brain Workout, host of The Right-brain Warm-up


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Panel Discussion:

11:50am - 12:20pm AEDT


12:20pm - 12:35pm AEDT

Local Start Times:

1.50pm New Zealand
11.50am Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney
11.20am Adelaide
10.50am Brisbane
10.20am Darwin
8.50am Perth


Portrait of San San Truong

San San Truong

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San San Truong is a visual designer & director based in Melbourne. With experience of over 20 years spanning creative strategy, art direction, branding design, production, UI/UX and digital design, her work is consistently motivated by empathy for the audience or end-users. San San seeks to serve, collaborate and lead influential businesses and organisations, who’s goal is to add value for humans, by realising the full potential of creativity, art, technology, empathy and design thinking. Her active involvement on the AGDA council takes her on a fascinating journey into the possible trends and opportunities for the future of design. San San is excited to open the panel discussion at Pause Fest on a topic close to her heart on 'why creativity matters' and looks forward to connecting with the creative community, as well as the wider business and technological industries.

Portrait of Melissa Pepers

Melissa Pepers

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Melissa Pepers is an international business designer, strategist, futurist and speaker who creates companies of the future today through the application of trends and insights in culture. Melissa taps into this potential of customer experience and societal changes by predicting social trends and finding where a business can expand their thinking to reach a larger audience. Through the use of the application of competitive strategy, behavioural science, design thinking, and cultural trend analysis, she helps business reach new heights, before competition exist. She has worked in Ogilvy and Wellcom as well as freelancing across strategy, digital and experience design, and now she focuses on building competitive advantages for businesses to reach their full potential in the market. Melissa will share with us her knowledge on how creativity ignites possibilities, inviting curiosity and connection and how it can be used as a vehicle for business.

Portrait of Karen Cheng

Karen Cheng

Karen works as a specialist UX Design Lead, weaving together human-centred design, innovative problem solving, cutting-edge cloud technology and agile software delivery. For over 20 years, Karen has been an art director, interactive designer, design consultant, small business operator, an award-winning blogger, social media influencer, digital marketing strategist, a volunteer, ambassador and fundraiser for cancer research, as well as a mum to 3 children. Karen is a genuine and inspiring leader, passionate about people, philanthropy and building communities. She helps to lead local philanthropic group Impact100WA, as a Committee Member and Co-Chair of Arts and Culture; and helps to build up communities of like-minded people who work in Cloud Technology, UX Design and the Female Coders Collective. In this discussion, Karen will share her stories from the 'trenches’ which illustrate just how much creativity can make greater impact in an otherwise rigid, process-driven, technical environment.

Portrait of Alex Wadelton

Alex Wadelton

Alex Wadelton is an advertising writer turned social activist turned author turned podcast host. He’s created advertising campaigns that have run all over the world for clients such as the AFL, Cricket Australia, Wrigley’s, The University of Melbourne, Gatorade, and Schweppes. He’s raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a range of charities, was the driving force behind the Nicky Winmar statue, and is the co-creator of Future Landfill. His first book, The Right-brain Workout (co-authored with Russel Howcroft), was a bestseller for Penguin Random House with a second volume due for Christmas 2020. And he also hosts The Right-brain Warm-up podcast where he interviews creative people about their habits, skills, and Right-brain tips. In this panel, Alex reveals his past life in advertising and how he now uses creativity for good to affect the world around him.