Emerging Designer of the Year 2018
Josie Young

Josie is a designer at Christopher Doyle & Co, where she has been involved with work both highly regarded and awarded.

For the past three years, she has been on the AGDA NSW Junior Council, acting as Junior Council Chair this year. Together with Em Sprouster, Josie created Dames and Dumplings — an integral mentorship event for young women in the design industry. This was launched in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in 2018 and will be rolled out in other cities in 2019.

Josie was a juror on the Student Awards Jury in 2017 and helped to shape a jury internship that was trialled at this year’s judging weekend.

She has been an Industry Rep for student portfolio nights and spoken for Never Not Creative and Australian Design Radio, giving her thoughts on the industry and where it’s heading, and more importantly, where she thinks it should go.

Josie challenges the status quo. She unapologetically champions equality, representation and the role of women in the design industry. Between her leadership qualities, her design talent, and her remarkable contribution to the industry, she is both an admirable role model and, without a shred of doubt, the deserving winner of this award."

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