How do I compare?

How does my studio compare?

Is our turnover appropriate/sufficient/like others?
Are we more/less financially successful?
Should we have more/less staff?
Is our hourly rate comparable?
It's human nature to wonder how we compare. We get that.

That's why we wrote and distributed our ‘business of design’ survey for many years. This year we're going one better.

This year we're going global.

This year we're partnering with BenchPress to help take their survey global. Benchpress is the largest survey of independent studio/agency owners in the UK. The insights are really valuable, just take a look at the 2020 report.

Everyone who participates will receive a copy of the results.

The report is published by The Wow Company, an accountancy practice based in the UK and specialising in helping people achieve their dreams and being part of the exciting journey of growing an agency. They have been surveying the health of the UK industry since 2012, harvesting a wealth of information. Information we often cite and share in our newsletters.

This year WOW is taking their survey global and we'd like our community to take part. The results will be be valuable to us all.

Take part in a global survey of studio/agency owners