Don’t just raise your rates in 2021. Price for remarkably higher profits.

If you repeatedly undervalue your work...

If you quote a price, then instantly regret it…

If you dream of a future free from hourly-billing, underbidding and soul-sucking proposals...

Then you, my friend, are not alone. Pricing is the #1 problem we see creative and marketing agencies face.

It’s why Pricing Creativity Bootcamp exists — and it’s why our doors are now open for the February 23rd kickoff.

When we asked past bootcamp participants what makes pricing so hard, here’s what they said:

"I had no idea how to really price. The process was all over the place. For large clients we felt OK pricing high, but for smaller clients we were accepting jobs for pennies."

"We were undervaluing our work by being, exclusively, in the mode of our selling time and not being proactive in setting out our expertise.”

“We were spending too much energy on proposals and we invested too much time in leads that weren't the right fit for our business."

"We were pricing the problem, not the client. This sacrificed margin. We were also not consistently presenting 3 options, increasing the likelihood of losing the work."

"I was failing at having effective value conversations. I was leaving fees on the table."

“Our proposals were usually priced the same based on the services to be included. This put us into the commodity world where we would be judged on price alone.”

Do any of these sound familiar?

Maybe you’ve spotted the very same fault lines in your own selling and pricing.

You know it’s holding you back, but you don’t know how to rewrite the sales game.

Or, maybe you’re still thinking, “If only we get more efficient, we’ll solve the profitability problem.”

Let me tell you. High margins in bespoke services have never come through efficiency.

There’s a very real upper limit on how profitable you can be if you’re squeezing stray hours out of your creativity.

Sure, you can push harder…

You can re-engineer the “perfect” package time and again…

You can explore all new markets, where hopefully, those clients have bigger budgets...

But your margins will always be eroded until you master a higher order of pricing and selling skills.

I’d like to show you how inside Pricing Creativity Bootcamp.

It’s an intimate program in which I work closely with 20 firm leaders like you.

When we open the doors, spaces sell out fast and there is a firm cap on how often we can run these sessions. I emphasize this because missing out does have financial implications.

If you don’t get the guidance you need this quarter to raise your prices, can you wait until halfway through 2021 to do so?

We’re here to help you decide if Pricing Creativity Bootcamp is for you now. Hit reply with any questions.

- Blair

Blair Enns
Win Without Pitching