Can I Use That? Navigating Third Party Permission Clearances In Publishing

Have you heard that it’s acceptable to copy or take ‘inspiration’ from someone else’s work provided what you reproduce amounts to less than 10% of the original? Consider this myth busted.

Creators looking to reproduce or adapt existing content in their own work should know the risks of using copyright-protected content without licence or permission. Our new article about copyright licensing and permissions clearances in publishing is now live at Sladen Legal. Click to read more here.

The IP team at Sladen Legal can work with members of the creative industries to manage the licensing of copyright or the sale or transfer of artistic works. We can also develop a suite of resources that protect your business against claims of copyright infringement. For more information, please contact Michelle Dowdle, Head of Intellectual Property at Sladen Legal on (03) 9611 0114 or send her an email at [email protected], @SladenIP. Or visit the AGDA IP Hotline for further information.