Advocating for paid internships
Minimum standards for paid internships

Minimum standards for paid internships

Hey guys … we all know trying to find work as a design graduate is a tough gig – there are so many very talented souls eager for their first gig. Trouble is, there are just as many opportunistic sharks ripping them off by asking them to work for free ‘to see how they fit’.

Join a group of us saying no more.

No-one should ever be asked to work for free - it just isn’t fair. Not only is it illegal, it’s skewed towards those who can afford to work for free. Internships should be mentored, and they should be paid.

I’m part of a Never Not Creative Internships Change Group who worked with Interns Australia to prepare a set of minimum standards for Interns. They’re out there – now we need as many voices as possible to support them. 

If you’re a studio/agency owner, please add your voice – it takes just minutes to add you logo to a growing list of industry leaders. If you’re an employee, lobby your employer to add their voice (and take on an intern!)

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